"I love you."
"Love you more."
"If you say so."

I'm that awkward, twenty-four year old german person named Kathy


*Fran Drescher
*The Big Bang Theory

~ Stana Katic
& Lea Michele
& Nathan Fillion worshipping

Cory Monteith will always be my hero.
~|~RIP Frankenteen~|~
I miss you with every passing day. There's never going to be anyone like you ever again. Rock it out up there for us and promise we will meet one day as well as watching out for our tiny new yorker child star.

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That moment your girlfriend has an Epiphany

 omg, so I was just saving this graphic I made, and only the chel of finchel managed to get put in the text box, and I was like, hey that looks like the end of rachel’s name!  *facepalm*

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