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I miss you with every passing day. There's never going to be anyone like you ever again. Rock it out up there for us and promise we will meet one day as well as watching out for our tiny new yorker child star.

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Sometimes I wish there was a proper translation of “Kampflesben”

It’s basically describes the entire Faberry/Achele Fandom

The meaning of it is just, that the word describes the agressive lesbians or lesbian supporters. The ones that force their opinions on people and/or even force homosexually on people that are clearly heterosexual as well agressivly argue other opinions. They’re basically the equivalent of a heterophobe.

Be mad, but it’s true.

Personallly as a gay person, those people go on my nerves so much. They’re the ones acting like victims and argue everything with homophobia when it’s just clear they can’t handle reality.

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    exactly my point.
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    that’s something stupid and insecure people do. I don’t force anyone to think like I think or to have the same opinion...
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